How to Get Hubspot Sales Alerts in Slack

Slack is a new communication tool that is taking the world by storm. By many accounts it is the fastest adopted business tool ever – the graph inset here shows the crazy user growth this tool has experienced. One of my clients uses it religiously, with everyone in the company using it: C level leadership, development, sales, marketing, administrative.

Slack adoption growth

Its main strengths over the competitors are that it works on all devices (iPhone, Android phones, Mac, PC, etc). It is super easy to use, has private or public groups you can put people in, and it allows you to easily share files too. I’ve started using it in my consulting group and we all love it.

My client that uses Slack was having a hard time getting their sales team to follow-up with leads. The primary cause is because they’re using a custom CRM that was built in house and has some limitations with the notification system.

We brainstormed solutions and tried setting up email alerts in Hubspot. We were able to easily set them up per the client’s desired parameters, and the alerts did help a little, but still left a lot to be desired. The main problem with email alerts is that the sales reps would often begin to ignore the emails – it’s just too static of a communication method.

We brainstormed further – everything from carrier pigeons to sales team managers printing out sheets and dropping them on the sales reps desks. And then it hit me – doesn’t their sales team live in Slack? I was told they did. A little sleuthing and we found that Zapier has an integration with both Hubspot and Slack. That means they could be connected easily.

How You Can Get Hubspot Sales Alerts in Slack

What we eventually built was a solution that watches for inactive leads in Hubspot (leads that have been untouched for four hours following creating) and then it pings the sales rep in Slack to let them know they’ve got a lead waiting. After that, if the sales rep doesn’t follow-up and make contact within the next hour Slack notifies the manager of that specific sales rep.

The Zapier integration allows you to set up just one program in Zapier to handle alerts to multiple sales reps. If you have sales reps assigned to leads in Hubspot it is really easy; you can have the sales reps’ Slack username stored in the Hubspot records and use that to route each Slack. In Zapier, as you can see in the below image, you can dynamically insert Hubspot fields in the Slack message or the to/from details. Zapier and Slack have worked diligently to make sure the integration is strong, and this allows you to truly leverage the strength of Hubspot.

Ready to give it a try? Ready to look like a rockstar for your sales team and company leadership? I’ve put together a 20 minute guide video that walks you through every piece needed to get Hubspot sales alerts in Slack. You’ll find it covers everything you need to know, and should enable you to setup your own Slack alert program in less than 60 minutes. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments!

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