15 Reasons to Integrate Eventbrite with Hubspot or Another Email Tool

Several years ago I helped a client set up a series of events around the USA, using Eloqua. Eloqua was a marketing automation solution that was the best in class at the time. It’s still a powerful suite of marketing tools, though it has been purchased by Oracle and now goes by the name of Oracle Marketing Cloud. Most of my clients are now using Hubspot or Marketo because of the ease of launching the tools, though Eloqua is still the premier tool to use for really big companies.

Any how, my client was investing a lot of money in sending sales reps around the country and they wanted to ensure they had high attendance. So, they contracted me to help with their pre-event attendance advertising and reminders as well as their post-event follow-up. Eloqua has an excellent module for managing events so we used that. Because of a multi-touch pre-event reminder approach that we took, their events were highly successful and are today one of their primary prospecting methods. In our multi-touch approach we harnessed direct mail, email and phone calls – all in an automated fashion – to remind the attendees of the upcoming event.

Eloqua’s excellent event module made setting up the programs easier than if we had to use a developer team to build everything from scratch, but it still required some major effort – especially to get direct mail integrated.

Fast forward to today, and it’s easier than ever to integrate Eventbrite with Hubspot to realize fantastic attendance rates and post-event follow-up conversions.

Eventbrite is the premier solution for managing events. It has features that most of the big ticket booking engines used by concert organizers and NFL teams don’t even have. Hubspot is an excellent marketing automation tool that is super easy to use. It’s one of the fastest growing marketing tools due to it’s ease of use and wide range of functionality. Merge the two, and… voila! You’ve got a tool that will allow you to do multi-touch, super out of the box, attention grabbing, pre-event attendance boosting reminders and post-event follow-up that will generate more leads and help close more deals.

There are few integrations that Hubspot supports natively (meaning Hubspot built the integration). Eventbrite is such a powerful ally for event management and marketing, though, that Hubspot has built a point and click, easy integration with Eventbrite. Because of that, I’m not going to put together a video or guide on this integration. Hubspot has already done that! Here’s the guide you’ll need to integrate the two platforms.

Integrate Eventbrite with Hubspot

Still need some convincing? Here’s a little list I’ve put together to help you see the value:

15 Reasons To Integrate Eventbrite with Hubspot

1. Free addition to Hubspot

It’s free. For free events you pay nothing to use Eventbrite and the Hubspot/Eventbrite integration. If you are charging for the event Eventbrite will managing the complexities of payments and so they charge a small fee at that time, but still well worth it.

2. Advanced email notifications and reminders

Eventbrite let’s you customize two emails – the response email they get after signing up for your event and then a reminder email that goes out 24 hours before. For all the work you put into your events, don’t you deserve more? Hubspot can be setup to send dozens of emails if you want. We don’t recommend that many though. 🙂

3. Send automated text message reminders before the event

Beyond sending automated and smart emails before the event, Hubspot also allows you to send text message reminders before the event. Sweet huh? It’s super easy to setup and I’ve got a guide here that will walk you through each step of setting up text message marketing with Hubspot.

4. Send automated thank you cards to attendees after the event

If automated emails and text messages weren’t enough, you can also send out automated thank you cards to attendees after the event! Not only can you do this in an automagic fashion, these cards can also be handwritten! Imagine the wow factor your attendees will feel after getting a personalized, handwritten thank you card from the sales rep assigned to their account! Yes, I’ve got a guide for that too: send direct mail with Hubspot.

5. Create better social engagements

Not only does Eventbrite have excellent social sharing and photo to hashtag tools, Hubspot is the best marketing automation tool at linking contacts to social profiles. Eventbrite will capture the contact details for an attendee and then pass those contact details into Hubspot. Hubspot will then try and match the email address with social profiles. Hubspot does a great job at this – better than any other marketing automation tool – and it will be very useful for your sales reps to followup via social channels.

6. Events make for great “thank you page” upsells

Eventbrite has great embeddable widgets that you can place on thank you pages to milk the lead a little further. For example, when someone completes a Hubspot form to download some inbound marketing content, you can use personalized tokens in the thank you page to place relevant HTML. If the person has indicated that they live in Chicago then on the thank you page you show the Eventbrite widget inviting them to your next Chicago event.

7. Gamification to incentivize sharing

You want people to share your event – it’s the cheapest and most effective way to grow your attendee list and get strong prospects for your business. Eventbrite has some excellent sharing functionality where they allow you to give out “affiliate” type links to your attendees. As your attendees share these links they’ll get credit for those that sign up via that link – and you can use it to gamify your event referrals. You can have promotional giveaways for those that have the most referrals. Here’s a guide on setting up those Eventbrite referral links.

8. No online security woes

No need to setup SSL for your registration page. Eventbrite takes care of the online security and credit card processing so you don’t need to. If you were to setup your own SSL and credit card processing you’d be looking at dozens of hours of work. It’s a lot of work. I recommend letting Eventbrite handle it for you.

9. Use Eventbrite’s new Reserved Seating function

Eventbrite recently released an option that allows you to do reserved seating. This ads an extra dose of professionalism and organization that you don’t get if you’re managing your events with just Hubspot, Marketo or Oracle Marketing Cloud. You can read about it here: Eventbrite reserved seating event ticketing.

10. Discount codes for paid events

While you could hobble together some semblance of discount codes with another marketing automation tool, it wouldn’t be nearly as functional or robust as Eventbrite’s discount management system. They allow you to setup one time discounts, multiple use discounts, expiring discounts, codes that reveal special hidden tickets, and more. And, it costs you nothing beyond the basic, low fees they charge you for using their booking engine for paid tickets. Here’s a guide for setting up discount codes in Eventbrite.

11. Greater commitment to attend than with Facebook events

Several clients have tried to use Facebook events for getting attendees to their lunch-and-learn or customer appreciation type events. While it’s easy, and it’s nice that it’s built into Facebook, their attendance rates suffered. It’s too easy to click an attend button and never show up. If you’re putting in the hard work to put together an event make sure you use a system that will let you send reminders, follow-ups, etc.

Rule of thumb, from what I’ve seen, is that you’ll see the following attendance rates (sign ups to actual attendance) from these different avenues of ticketing management:
• Facebook – 30% attendance
• Using a marketing tool not made for ticketing – 45% attendance
• Using Eventbrite with Hubspot (or another marketing tool) – 60% attendance

12. Stream new attendees in real time on Twitter

Here’s a creative idea that can really boost your event visibility and attendee sign ups: every time someone signs up to attend the event you can auto-tweet out something along the lines of “A really smart marketer from Provo just registered for our lunch and learn event we’re hosting in SLC, Utah next Thursday!” While that message may not fit your needs at all, you get my point right? If you put in some hashtags with geo-specific targeting you can use this as a method to drive more interest and registrations. How do you do it? If you integrate Eventbrite with Hubspot it will pull registrant details into Hubspot. From there you can have Hubspot ping Twitter through a Zapier integration (free) and have it auto-post a tweet!

13. Get more event sponsors

The one thing sponsors want is reach of their message or brand. If the sponsor can be part of the pre-event and post-event nurturing, and have automated emails, texts or direct mail go out that mentions them, they’ll be more likely to give you their support for your event.

14. Introduce your speaker before the event

Introducing your speaker(s) before an event gives you three excellent leverage points: 1) it gives you an excuse to reach out to the registrant with another valuable touch point, 2) it increases the brand strength for your speaker, and 3) it builds interest and the likelihood of attendance among your registrants.

15. Get a $100 discount off your first ticket sales fees

If you’re going to charge for your tickets Eventbrite will charge you some small fees (about the same as a credit card processing fee). So, for your first event you can use my discount link to get $100 off the event fees: $100 off discount code.


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